Picture1Jackie Buzzini

Testimonial: I ‘am so glad that Dr. Paul was recommended to me by someone in our church. He realty cares about your health and the problem that causes it. He will always take time to answer all your questions and explain exactly what is going on with you. I know Dr. Paul has improved my condition and the pain that I was going through. He always treats you as a human and not just a dollar sign. I went to one who if you couldn’t pay every time, he wouldn’t see you. Dr. Paul makes a plan with you so you can have treatment, He really cares about your health. I know I would recommend him to everyone.

Another thing that really impresses me is that although my grandson lives in California, Dr. Paul is willing to find a doctor down there to treat my grandson’s scoliosis.

Picture2Virginia Richtmyre

Testimonial: I have been going to Dr. Phillips for almost three months. When I started, I had a lot of pain in my neck and tingling in my arm with numbness. Now the pain and tingling in my arm is almost gone and I have no neck pain at all. Dr. Phillips has done me so much good and I recommend him to anyone who is having pain. I will be going to him regularly from now on...I feel great.

Picture4Larry Shelton

Testimonial: My name is Larry Shelton. I am 53 years old and have had back pain for 15 years. Before starting care with Dr. Paul Phillips I had trouble walking, getting Up to walk and just moving. In January of 2001 I had a quadruple bypass operation. After lying around and not being able to go to Dr. Paul for a couple of months my back was getting had. When I was able, I started going back to Dr. Paul. After the first adjustment my walking and moving was better. After the first week, I was pain free. I still have bad days without Dr. Paul and Chiropractic, but, I am sure I would have more bad days than good without Dr. Paul.

Picture5Mary J. Lee

Testimonial: In November 2001 I injured myself at work and was seeing Dr. Paul. He told me he was going to take me off work for two weeks, however I talked him into letting me go back to work right way, against his expertise. I worked 3 days, re-injured myself and came in to see him. He was right about taking time off. When I came back in to see Dr. Phillips I could barely walk and was in terrible pain.

Dr. Paul did some adjustments and told me to stand and walk. I could not believe I was walking without pain, Of course, I had to have several treatments, but now I am back to work full time.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Paul off and on for 8 years with great success. He knows that “right buttons” to press on me to relieve my pain and suffering. Had I not gone to him, I probably would have had surgery. I highly recommend him if you have any problems.